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All the information you need to know about Pepperstone's MT4 or MetaTrader4

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Having the ability to trade at your most competitive edge is now in your control. Pepperstone's MetaTrader 4 is an electronic trading platform to conduct transactions as both a client and a server. You can use graph, check indicators, and markers to make your data easier to understand. It's also free to use on the web, phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

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If you're still not sure what Pepperstone MT4 is, explore how to use the MT4 platform and customize it for your specific needs. Feel free to continue reading this article!

Who Is Pepperstone MT4 Designed For?

MetaTrader 4

Pepperstone MetaTrader 4 is used as a trading platform for Forex and futures. Traders can use MetaTrader 4 to study financial markets, execute advanced trading operations, run trading robots (Expert Advisors), and imitate other traders' transactions.

Pepperstone MT4 platforms
Pepperstone MT4 platforms

MT4 provides you with a competitive advantage regardless of your skill level in trading. It offers a comprehensive, user-friendly interface in a highly customizable trading environment to help you improve your trading results. Pepperstone MT4 is free to download in either demo or live accounts. Pepperstone MT4 also offers an online course to help you be more equipped to use their platform. It allows traders and investors to open, close, and supervise their market positions and financial markets using an advanced financial mediator.

How to Access the MT4 Web?

MT4 Web

First, go to your protected user client and download Pepperstone MT4. You will be guided through the download method, and then once the Pepperstone software is launched, you will need to enter your account number, password, and server name.

Pepperstone MT4 Web platform
Pepperstone MT4 Web platform

Follow the step-by-step guide to access the Pepperstone software easily:

  1. Copy and paste the password (make sure there are no spaces).
  2. Enter your server's IP address manually.
  3. Backspace over the server and type edge<server number>

What are the MT4 Requirements for Windows?

MT4 for PC or Windows

Pepperstone MT4 requires fewer system resources on a PC and uses less RAM than MT5. It is the most widely used platform globally, and you may use it to give your trade a competitive edge. MT4 has everything for traders of all levels, from live quotations, real-time charts, and news and statistics to various order management solutions, indicators, and expert advisors. The Pepperstone MetaTrader 4 trading terminal could be downloaded or used on PCs running several Linux distributions, such as the Ubuntu operating system, using Wine's free program.

Forex traders, Market analysts, and Account managers are the users of Pepperstone MT4, which can be utilized in your PC/Windows. Overall, Pepperstone MetaTrader 4 PC is a tool that serves anyone interested in Forex. It might need some tweaks, but it's incredibly adaptable and approachable.

The MT4 for PC/Windows allows you to evaluate data in 9 different periods, enjoy the minute-by-minute flow of data, or observe global trends on the monthly graph. Also, you can take control of your account. On the market, you can open, close, and change orders. You can also use Instant and Market execution to get the best results. In addition, with One Click Trading, you can make judgments on the fly.

What Mac Systems are Supported by MT4?

MT4 for Mac

Pepperstone's Mac OSX platform provides complete MetaTrader 4 capability, allowing traders to use the same Expert Advisors and Indicators available for Microsoft Windows on Apple Mac PCs. It has the same features as the PC edition, such as live quotes, real-time charts, in-depth news, and analytics, as well as a bevy of order management tools, indicators, and, of course, experienced advisors.

MetaTrader 4 was not initially designed for Mac. Pepperstone's MT4 is accessible as a native OSX application, removing the requirement to run the platform through expensive Windows emulators or other apps. The Mac OSX platform from Pepperstone provides complete MetaTrader 4 functionality, allowing traders to utilize the same Expert Advisors and Indicators on Apple Mac workstations as they would on Microsoft Windows.

Can I Use MT4 on Mobile?

MT4 Mobile

You can also use Pepperstone MT4 on your mobile phones. These mobile trading applications enable Pepperstone's traders to completely use mobile while also allowing them to trade from anywhere at any time. These mobile trading apps are also intended to enable traders to examine live quotations directly from their fingertips. Other functionalities of mobile trading applications are as follows:

How to Open an MT4 Demo Account?

MT4 Demo Account

If you're new to trading or want to practice your trading methods in a risk-free environment, you can open a Pepperstone MT4 demo account.

Pepperstone MT4 demo account
Pepperstone MT4 demo account

Here's the step on how to open a demo account on MT4:

  1. Create your login.
  2. Complete your application.
  3. Confirm your identification card (ID).
  4. Fund and trade.

How to Login to MT4?

MT4 Login

To sign in to your Pepperstone MetaTrader 4 account, click the file and locate "Login to Trade Account." A sign-in window will pop up, and fill out the login window to always remember your login account and password.

Pepperstone MT4 login
epperstone MT4 login

What are Pepperstone's MT4 Servers?

MT4 Server

Since MT4 is mono-threaded, it only has one dedicated server, limiting its ability to communicate with other servers. Pepperstone MT4 is only 32-bit and mono-threaded.


It's best for those with more basic hardware. If your computer has little RAM or is running a Windows version older than Windows 0, MT4 may be a better option.

How to Download Pepperstone MT4?


Here's the step-by-step guide explaining the simple way to Download Pepperstone MT4.

  1. Go to and go to the Platforms menu.
  2. Select the MetaTrader 4.
  3. Click on "Download now".

How to Install Pepperstone MT4 on Windows

  1. After choosing and downloading MT4, you will see MetaTrader and click agree.
  2. After you agree, click next, then decide and click next again.
  3. You will see a few versions of this installed on your computer.
  4. Change the folder's location it's going to be installed and put a number on the end.
  5. Then, uncheck the option to "open the website afterward" and click next.
  6. It will automatically download the other files, then after that, click finish.

How to Install Pepperstone MT4 on Mac

  1. Open the downloaded Pepperstone MT4 file, and it will automatically validate the file. Make sure that you open the access of installing the MT4 in your Mac.
  2. After the validation, click Continue, then Install.
  3. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  4. Select OK, and the Pepperstone MT4 is ready to use.

How to Install Pepperstone MT4 on Mobile

Pepperstone has a mobile application called MT4 that traders can download in smartphones or tablets that are powered by iOS or Android.

How to Download MT4 for iOS

  1. Visit the App Store.
  2. Search "Pepperstone MT4".
  3. Select the Pepperstone trade app.
  4. Click "Get".
  5. Click the Pepperstone MT4 app and log in with your Pepperstone account.

How to Install Pepperstone's MT4 for Android

  1. Visit Google Play app store.
  2. Search and type "Pepperstone MT4".
  3. Select the right app from the list.
  4. Click "Install".
  5. Click the Pepperstone MT4 app and sign in with your Pepperstone account.
Now that you got all the information that you need, you're more than ready to trade with Pepperstone so sign-up for an account now!
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