Nasdaq-100 index trading with a licensed brokerage

The US Tech 100 index or NASDAQ 100 is one of the most followed indices in the market. It is a financial instrument that lists the 100 largest non-financial companies in the US and the world. It has gained the reputation for being a technology index and if you want to look for promising investments minus the complexities of stock indices trading then the best choice is by dealing with contracts for difference or CFDs.

Broker Score Minimum Deposit Trade
98 $100

97 $10 to $1000 (country-specific)

77% of retail CFD accounts lose money

94 $5

74.89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

93 $1

74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

92 $1

Less Complexities by Trading US Tech 100 CFDs

By trading US Tech 100 CFDs, you can take advantage of market trends without the need to physically own the asset. For example, if you believe that the asset’s value will rise then it you will need to purchase a Buy contract. Let’s say the Buy price is at 2550 and you decided to buy 20 contracts. If the value of the asset increases to 2620 or 70 points and you decided to close order, then your profit will be 70 times the 20 contracts you purchased or a total of $1,400!

Trade US Tech 100 with a Trusted CFD Service Provider

If you want to trade this instrument then we strongly recommend that you only choose a fully regulated brokerage to ensure that your account is safe and protected. You don’t have to do a lengthy research because we’ve done the job for you thanks to our experienced financial experts who have tested the best CFD service providers in the market. You can trade with confidence knowing that your funds are safe because these are the pioneers in the industry. Start diversifying your portfolio by trading the US Tech 100 with these brokerages.