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Getting started on AvaTrade begins with depositing funds into your account. How much is the minimum deposit? How do I make a deposit? Can I make a deposit with a wire transfer? These questions and more are all answered in this section.

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How to Make an AvaTrade Deposit?

Making a Deposit

Making a deposit to your AvaTrade account takes only a few steps. Simply follow this process:

  1. Login to your Avatrade account.
  2. Go to the "Deposit" section.
  3. Select and click "Fund your Account".
  4. Choose your preferred payment method.
  5. On the drop-down menu beside the "amount" box, select the specific account you want to deposit.
  6. Enter the amount that you will deposit.
  7. Input the payment details into the fields such as Credit card number, Expiration date and so on (if you select credit card).
  8. Finally, click on "Deposit".

AvaTrade deposit page
AvaTrade deposit page
What Are the Payment Methods for Making a Deposit?

Deposit Methods

AvaTrade offers several ways for user to deposit funds to their accounts. These are through the following:

Payment Method Processing Time
Credit Card Instant
Debit Card Instant
Wire Transfer Up to 7 business days
E-payments (❌ EU and Australian clients) Within 24 hours

And remember:

The average transfer time for these preferred payment methods varies. Wire transfers can take 7 to 10 business days, while credit and debit cards usually take an instant or just a couple of hours. In comparison, deposits via e-payment systems and e-wallets can take up transfer times to a maximum of 24 hours.

Also take note that e-payment systems such as Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), WebMoney and others are not available for European and Australian residents.

AvaTrade deposit via e-wallet
AvaTrade deposit via e-wallet
How Much Is the Minimum AvaTrade Deposit?

Minimum Deposit

AvaTrade's minimum deposit depends on your account's base currency. Check out the table below to know which currencies are supported and the minimum initial accepted amount.

Account Currency Minimum Deposit
USD 100
GBP 100
EUR 100
AUD 100
ZAR 1950

Also take note:

It has no deposit fee. However, to take advantage of all the products offered by AvaTrade, a base currency balance of at least 1000-2000 is recommended as a starting balance.

What are First Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions?

First Deposit Bonus

Here's the deal: AvaTrade offers a 20% bonus for newly sign-up clients (doesn't apply to residents of UK, EU, Australia and Canada).

A minimum deposit of $200 is required in order to avail the new accounts pack, so if made a first deposit of $200, then you will get $40. The higher the initial deposit, the higher bonus you will get!

AvaTrade bonus
AvaTrade bonus

If and when AvaTrade's first deposit bonus is applied, the following terms and conditions apply:

The bonus will be granted only to the eligible customers during the selected promotion days (as published on AvaTrade's website).

Ready to sign-up and get your bonus? Get started here to open your AvaTrade account!

How to Cancel an AvaTrade Deposit?

Cancelling Deposit

To cancel a deposit you just made, you need to send a request to the Customer Service at AvaTrade's Contact Us page: www.avatrade.com/about-avatrade/contact-us


If you don’t not use the funds to trade, your deposit will be cancelled after 1 business day.

Can a US Citizen Make an AvaTrade Deposit?

US Citizens

Since AvaTrade is currently not regulated in the United States, customers from the USA are not allowed to make a deposit.

In addition...

AvaTrade also does not accept any funds originating from the United States.

Requirements Needed for Credit Card Deposit

Credit Cards

When making a deposit using a credit card, users are required to submit these documents:

  1. Proof of Identity: This includes any government-issued Identification card such as passport and driver's licenses and any other ID card containing the user's full name, photograph, date of birth.
  2. Proof of Address: This includes bill statements from your credit card company, electric provider and other utilities provider such as internet, water, cable TV, council tax bill and so on.

AvaTrade deposit via credit card
AvaTrade deposit via credit card

This could happen:

AvaTrade will sometime request for a credit card copy. And when this happens, you may block out the middle 8 numbers of your card in the front and the CVV numbers in the back.

Can I Make a Deposit Using Someone Else's Account?

Third Party Sources

Yes. AvaTrade accepts deposits made from any 3rd party fund sources. However, for you to do this, they will require more documents in order to verify that you have permission to use an account belonging to another person.

What to Do If the Credit Card Used Has Expired?

Expired Credit Card

You will need to contact the AvaTrade customer support team with a brief explanation of how your credit card has expired since you last deposited. In this case, they will assist you in updating the information in their system.

Here's the deal:

As long as you have a new valid credit card to use and you have all the details, this usually won't cause you any issues or setbacks.

What Does It Mean When You Received a Deposit Error?


In the event that you have attempted to make a deposit and received an error message afterward stating, "There appears to be a problem processing your transaction, please verify your details and try again", this usually specifies that the system declined your credit card.

Try making your deposit again but first make sure the card details you entered are correct. Your credit card company or bank can provide additional information about your credit card.

Now that you have all the information you need about making a deposit with AvaTrade, it's time to get started!