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Learning to navigate the financial markets can be a daunting task. This is where the AvaTrade Academy comes into play - a one-stop resource that facilitates the learning journey for novices, intermediate traders, and experienced professionals.

Let's delve into the unique offerings of this academy, understand its comprehensive educational resources, and how it can set you on the right path to a successful trading career.

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What is the AvaTrade Academy?


AvaTrade Academy is a highly innovative educational platform that caters to the needs of all kinds of traders. The platform is designed to provide users with a broad range of educational resources, ensuring they can make well-informed decisions while venturing into the financial markets.

AvaTrade Academy page
AvaTrade Academy page

At its core, AvaTrade Academy seeks to promote a culture of continuous learning, helping users elevate their trading skills to new heights. Whether you're a novice trader stepping into the world of financial markets or an experienced trader looking to polish your skills, AvaTrade Academy has something for everyone.

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How Do I Access the Academy?

How to Access

Accessing the AvaTrade Academy is simple and can be done from any mobile web browser. Just type academy.avatrade.com into the address bar and you will be redirected to the site. Alternatively, visit www.avatrade.com, and select the 'Academy' option from the top menu.

AvaTrade Academy on mobile
AvaTrade Academy on mobile

The online resource tool is designed to work seamlessly across all browser types, which implies that it's also mobile-friendly. The user interface of the academy is optimized to adapt well to smaller screen sizes, facilitating an effortless learning experience on the go. You can effortlessly participate in online courses wherever and whenever it's most convenient for you.

What Levels of Traders are Supported?

Levels of Traders


If you're a novice trader, AvaTrade Academy will help you lay a strong foundation in trading. The platform offers resources that explain basic trading concepts in a simplified manner. From understanding the principles of forex trading to learning about different asset classes, beginners have a plethora of resources at their disposal. Additionally, the platform provides a demo account where beginners can practice their strategies without any financial risk.


For intermediate traders, AvaTrade Academy offers a chance to elevate their trading skills. The platform provides resources on more complex topics like technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management. Moreover, intermediate traders can take advantage of the live webinars to learn from experienced professionals and hone their strategies.


Even seasoned professionals need to keep updating their knowledge to stay ahead in the game. AvaTrade Academy provides resources that help experienced traders stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the financial markets. Additionally, the platform's SharpTrader feature provides expert market analysis and insights, which can prove beneficial for making well-informed trading decisions.

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Why Visit the AvaTrade Academy?

Benefits and Uniqueness

AvaTrade Academy stands out for its comprehensive and user-friendly approach to trading education. It provides a wealth of educational materials, catering to the learning needs of all kinds of traders. Its distinctive features include:

  1. Wide Array of Learning Materials: The academy provides a variety of learning materials, including eBooks, video tutorials, webinars, and a unique feature, SharpTrader, to cater to different learning styles.

  2. Up-to-Date Content: The platform ensures its content is continuously updated, helping users stay in sync with the ever-changing financial markets.

  3. Expert Guidance: Users can learn from industry experts through interactive webinars and video tutorials, gaining insights into effective trading strategies.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate through different resources.

  5. Free Access: All of its educational resources are free of charge, making it accessible to anyone looking to venture into the financial markets.

What are the Available Languages?


As of this writing, the AvaTrade Academy can be accessed in 3 languages:

The Academy caters to a diverse audience by offering support in three different languages. If your preferred language, or even your mother tongue, is among the supported languages, this feature will significantly enhance your learning experience and make the content more accessible for you.

What's the User Account For?

User Account

The User Account page functions as your comprehensive academy dashboard. This vital tool offers you a neatly organized overview of all essential academy-related information and credentials.

AvaTrade User Account dashboard
AvaTrade User Account dashboard

It's highly recommended to visit this page frequently if you're committed to enhancing your trading skills and knowledge. This dashboard provides visibility into various aspects including:

Enrolled Courses

This section gives you a bird's eye view of all the courses you're currently enrolled in. It keeps track of your learning progress, so if you pause or stop a course halfway, don't worry! You can always navigate back to this section and pick up right where you left off.


Consider this your inbox for all academy-related notifications and messages. Stay on top of important updates, course news, and more by regularly checking your messages.

Favorite Courses

If there's a particular course you're interested in but can't take right now, no problem. You can add it to your 'Favorite Courses'. This page works like a wishlist in an ecommerce app, allowing you to bookmark courses for future enrollment.

Enrolled Quizzes

This page lists all the quizzes you've taken during your various courses. You'll see the specific course, the quiz, and your current status. It's a great way to track your learning progress and revisit quizzes for revision.


Upon successfully completing a course, you'll receive a certificate as proof of your achievement. These certificates, listed on this page, can be used to showcase your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

As you navigate AvaTrade Academy, remember to use the User Account page as your personal hub to stay organized and informed so you can enjoy your journey to becoming a more informed and skilled trader.

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What Can I Expect From These Courses?

Academy Courses

AvaTrade Academy courses are designed to offer the ultimate online learning experience. You have the flexibility to take them from anywhere, and at your own pace.

AvaTrade course sections
AvaTrade course sections

Here's what you can expect when you start a course:

Course Overview

Each course begins with a comprehensive overview. This includes a list of all the sections, the topics covered in each section, and an estimated duration for each. This is extremely helpful as it allows you to familiarize yourself with the course structure and content ahead of time, enabling you to better plan your study schedule and learning objectives.

Progress Tracking

One of the best features of AvaTrade Academy courses is the progress tracker. This useful tool shows your real-time progress rate throughout the course. This feature helps you know how far you've come in your learning journey, which sections you've completed, and what's next on the agenda.

Remember: AvaTrade Academy courses are about empowering you to become a more knowledgeable and skillful trader. The more time you invest in understanding the course structure and tracking your progress, the more you stand to gain from these comprehensive resources.

What Courses are Available?

Available Courses

At the academy, you'll find seven distinct trading courses, each tailored to a specific type of financial instrument or asset. These categories include:

To navigate through the variety of courses offered, you can utilize the search function to sort them based on status—be it 'Featured', 'Hot', 'New', or 'Special'—or by proficiency level such as 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', or 'Advanced'.

Searching for trading courses in AvaTrade Academy
Searching for trading courses in AvaTrade Academy

Each course listing provides a description, specifying the appropriate skill level and the number of lectures it includes. This will help you choose the course best suited to your current knowledge and learning goals.

Why Should I Take the Quiz?


At the end of each course section, you'll be required to complete a timed quiz. To progress to the subsequent section, you must achieve a passing score on this quiz. Please be aware that these quizzes are timed, necessitating your full attention during each session.

AvaTrade course quiz
AvaTrade course quiz

Aim for a score of 70% or higher, as this is the passing grade needed to advance in the course.

What's the Bottom Line?


Trading can be a challenging endeavor, especially for those new to the financial markets. However, with the right educational resources, anyone can learn the ropes of trading and navigate the market with confidence. AvaTrade Academy offers a comprehensive educational platform, making it the perfect learning companion for any trader. With its extensive learning materials, expert guidance, and up-to-date content, AvaTrade Academy is the ultimate guide to a successful trading career.

Now that you know how the AvaTrade Academy can be a useful learning tool, it's time to open an account.